Unknown Stars of Street Art Around The World

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We are back with the bash. Its’ been quite a while we were absent from BlogBazzar but now we are back and we want to start with the very super and awesome inspirational post of street art. It is beyond comprehension how man can get so much creative. However,

50+ Free GUIs To Make Your Project Stands Out

Today, after some time we are back with our freebies spree and this time we are giving out 60 cool new free GUIs that can actually help to make your web project look distinct. Each graphic user interface freebies is uniquely designed that can be used in app development,

20 Free Tattoo Fonts Suitable for All Fashions

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Today we are offering free tattoo fonts that are not specific to one style but that can encompass all sorts of up to date fashions. If you are looking for Gothic, gangster, or sober fonts then you can all find them in the following list. Just click on the

10 Excellent Uses of Typography in Web Design

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Typography in web design is not merely an afterthought in nowadays debate; it’s a crucial, thought-out process that greatly adds to a design. Especially in web design – where viewers are looking to gain something from readable content – typography is the key to establishing and maintaining the image

15 Perfect Free Font Resources for Good Hunt

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No matter how tech savvy and digital we become we cannot overlook the importance of fonts. Keeping that in mind, I have managed to enlist 15 free font resources that will allow you to find your desired fonts in the matter of few clicks. I am sure these are

Excellent User Experience Websites and Video Tutorials

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If you are a designer by chance then you must have heard about the saying which goes like for users, interface is the product’. I am sure you have already have an idea that we will be showcasing you some excellent user experience website designs and videos related to

Impeccable Flyer Design Examples for Grab More Attention

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Don’t you want more people to see what you have to offer in terms of product, service or just an event? I bet you do and for that there is nothing more appropriate then impeccable flyer design. The use and user of flyers are not limited to a specific

25 Typographic Movie Posters Show Creativity At Its Best

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Typography has been an integral part of any form of world communication. One cannot ignore it importance and it does not get outdated with the passage of time. After the so much talked about technological advancements we still see movie makers releasing typographic movie posters to present the creative

40 Eye-Candy Free Minimal Wallpapers For Every Gadget

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It seems like minimalism is just about everywhere and it is rightfully popular. It challenges the sheer creativity and professionalism of individuals by allowing them to use minimum possible space even though they have plenty of it. In such situation only a highly qualified and creative designer can survive.

50 Impressive Toy Photos Make Them Look More Desirable

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If you are thinking that impressive toy photos are for kids we all know that and more or less believe in it but I know a lot of young folk who still have their hearts for special childish stuff they life to possess and their is no shame in